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Sensor NDIR sensor, with ABC algorithm*
Sampling Method Diffusion
Accuracy 50 ppm + 5 % reading & 40 ppm + 3% reading
Response time <120s (30cc/min, low airflow)
Drift <±10 ppm/year
Range 0~2000 ppm (measurement range 400~2000 ppm)
Output signal Current: 4…20mA (DC)/ Voltage: 0…10V (DC)
Communication RS-485
Relay output 2xSPST, 3A-30VDC/250VAC
Load resistance Resistance:≤ 500Ω(current output), ≥2kΩ(Voltage output)
Power supply 16…35VDC / 16…28VAC
Display Optional LCD,with unit display
Display resolution 1ppm
Working environment 0…50 ˚C, 0…85 %RH (Non-cond.)
Storage temperature -20…60 ˚C
Housing ABS+PC (Space mount), fireproof ABS+PC (Duct mount)
Protection Space mount: IP30 / Duct mount : IP65 / IP30 (Probe)
Weight Space mount: 135g, Duct mount: 240g
Sensor Electrochemical, min 5 years life span
Sampling Method Diffusion
Range 0…100ppm or 0…300ppm
Accuracy ±5% FS@25˚C, typical ±10% FS@5~50˚C
Resolution 1 ppm
Repeatability <±3%FS
Stability <±5%/year@0=100ppm, <±10%/year@0=300ppm
Pressure range Standard atmospheric pressure ±10%
Response time (T90) < 60s
Warm-up time < 1 min
Load Resistance ≤500Ω(current output), ≥2kΩ(voltage output)
Power Current: 18.5~35VDC (RL=500Ω) ; 8.5~35VDC (RL=0Ω)                                              Voltage: 16~28VAC/16~35VDC
Output 4~20mA (2 wires), 0-10VDC, RS485 / Modbus
Working environment 5~50˚C(continuous), 15~90%RH(Non-cond.)
Storage temperature 10…55 ˚C
Housing ABS+PC, ULV-0(CMWL)
Protection Space mount: IP30 / Wall mount : IP33
Weight Space mount: 163g, Wall mount: 198g
Media compatibility Air and non-combustible, compatible gases
Housing Die cast aluminum case and bazel, with PC cover
Protection IP67
Accuracy ±2%FS(±3% on 125Pa, ±4% on 60Pa) @21˚C
Pressure Limits -70 to 100 KPa
Size 101.5mm (4") diameter dial face, 115.5mm (4-9/16") dia.                                        Opening for flush mount
Temperature Limits -7…60˚C (20…140˚F)
Process Connection 1/8" female NPT duplicate high and low pressure taps                                                       - one pair side and one pair back
Weight 440g
Mounting method Flush or surface in vertical position
Accessories Two 1/8"NPT pipe plugs, two 1/8" NPT to 3/16" rubber tubing adapters                        and three flush mounting adapters with screws
Medium Non-combustible, non-corrosive air, insensitive to  moisture, dust, condensation & oil
Working Temp. -20…70
Medium Temp. 0…60
Temp. Compensation 0…50
Working Pressure Overload 10xFS, burst 15xFS
Accuracy ±1.0%FS(±2.0%FS@25Pa range)
Long term stability ±0.5%FS/Year
Thermal effect <0.05%FS/˚C (zero), <0.08%FS/˚C (FS)
Response time 0.5~30s, can be set by keys
Process Connection 5mm ID tubing
Display 5 digits LCD, display area 44x18mm, with unit indication, field upgradable
Output 0~10V,4~20mA (2 wires), RS485 selectable
Output Load ≤500Ω (current), ≥2kΩ (voltage)
Power Voltage: 16~28VAC/ 16~35VDC                                                                                                                             Current: 18.5~35VDC (RL=500Ω); 8.5~35VDC (RL=0Ω)
Units 5 units, selected by keys (Pa, Kpa, in w.c, mm w.c, mbar)
Zero set Easy to reset by external key
Materials ABS (housing) & PC (cover)
Protection IP54
Weight 165g
Output Signal Standard 2-wire: 4-20 mA / Vs = 12-30 Vdc
Optional 3-wire: 0.5-4.5 Vdc, 0-5 Vdc, 1-5 Vdc, 0-10 Vdc / Vs = 10-30 Vdc
Accuracy ±0.5% FSO (±1% FSO for pressures ≤ 45 psi (3 bar))
Response Time <10 ms
Insulation >100 MΩ @ 50V
Permissible Operating: -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C) (185°F (85°C) maximum zero span)
Temperatures Compensating: 14°F to 176°F (-10°C to 80°C) (158°F (70°C) maximum zero span)
Pressure Port / Housing 304 SS
Wetted Parts Seals: NBR
Diaphragm: Ceramic
Current Consumption 2-wire: 25 mA max
3-wire voltage: 5 mA (short-circuit current 20 mA)
EMC EMI: EN50081-1/-2
EMS: EN50082-2
Stability Vibration: 10 g / 5 Hz to 200 Hz
Shock: 20 g / 11 ms
Operation Life 2 M cycles
Input signal 4...20mA, 0...20mA, 0...5V, 0...10V
Input resistance Current model: ≤ 100Ω , Voltage model: ≥ 300KΩ
Output signal 4...20mA, 0...20mA, 0...5V, 0...10V
Output load Current model: ≤ 500Ω , Voltage model: ≥ 10KΩ
Accuracy ±0.1% of span
Response time <10ms
Temperature coefficient ±0.01% of span / ˚C
Supply voltage, DC 18...32V DC
Isolation voltage 2KVAC/min
Isolation resistance ≥ 100MΩ (DC500V)
Operating temperature -20˚C...55˚C
Storage temperature -20˚C...70˚C
Relative humidity < 95% RH (non-cond.)
Dimensions 118.9 x 110 x 12.7 mm
Weight 70g
IP protection IP20
Humidity sensor Digital polymer
Range 0…100%RH
Output 4~20mA (2wires), 0~10VDC (3wires),RS485/Modbus
Accuracy 2%, 3%, (25°C, 20…80%RH)
Hysteresis < ±1.0 %RH
Response time <10s (25°C, in slow air)
Drif < ±0.5%RH / year
Temperature Sensor Digital temperature sensor
Range 0~50°C, 0~100°C, -40~60°C, or others
Output 4~20mA (2wires), 0~10VDC (3wires),RS485/Modbus
Accuracy Transmitter: ≤±0.4°C @ 5~60°C or 0.3°C @ 5~60°C
Power Current: 18.5…35VDC (RL=500Ω); 8.5~35VDC (RL=0Ω)                                                      Voltage: 16…28VAC/ 16~35VDC
Output Load ≤500Ω (current), ≥2KΩ (voltage)
Relay output 2xSPST, 3A/30VDC. 3A/250VAC
Display and keys 4 digits LCD, with unit indication, backlight (4-20mA N/A), 3 touch keys, see more details on LCD & Keys operation
Work Temp. -30…70°C (LCD: 0~50°C), 5~95%RH (Non cond.)
Housing Fireproof ABS housing, UHMW-PE filter (Duct/Remote), ABS+PC (Space) SS probe and sintered filter (Wall)
Protection IP65 (Duct,Remote and Wall Sensor), IP30 (Space Mount)
Weight Space Mount 110g, Duct mount:360g; Wall mount :270g; Remote Sensor :430g