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Portable Medical O2 Sets
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1. 99.9% Medical oxygen Gas Tank 10L


2. Medical Piston Type Oxygen Regulator

Specification :

  • Material : Pure brass body with chrome coating.
  • Output Pressure : 50 psi fixed.
  • Flow Rated : 0 - 15 Ipm.
  • Accessories : Humidifier, Cannula Mask & Nasal Cannula.

Features :

  • Output pressure is fixed at 50psi.
  • Utilizes crack-resistant flow tube made of polycarbonate and accurate gauge.
  • Can be used with various types of O2 cylinder, having high quality and low repair rate.
  • The flow output accuracy is within + 10% which meets medical standard.

3.  Portable Trolley 




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What's in the box

1 x 10L Portable Medical Gas

1 x Medical Regulator

1 x Portable trolley